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While removing popcorn from ceilings and replacing it with knockdown texture is the majority of our work, we also apply knockdown texture on interior walls. For an additional cost you may choose to have a smooth/slick surface on your ceilings and or walls instead, however the process demands more time and effort in order to achieve high quality results.

Not only is knockdown texture an affordable upgrade to your home but it can be executed in a timely manner.

Whether your home is fully furnished or vacant (we can do an empty home much faster and for less), we take every precaution necessary to keep your home and furnishings safe and clean.

Once your home and furnishings are protected we begin to scrape the popcorn and subsequently skim for smooth/slick or spray knockdown. Minor drywall repairs are usually done at no extra charge, however if the repair is extensive we offer a full drywall repair service at very competitive prices (this cost is always in the original proposal
so there are no surprises).

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